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In our series Home Scene, Grid City asks music fans to share what they love most about the city’s music culture. This time we check in with Hard Charger’s Shawn Smith.

image1What have you been listening too lately?

The slowest riffs are the always the heaviest. Don’t get me wrong, blasting out a  million notes a minute is awesome but it will never be as heavy as a slow monstrous riff. So I’ve been filling my ears with a lot of Weedeater, Pallbearer and the new Electric Wizard album, Time To Die. With a loud enough system, I’m positive that album could level a mountain.

Most anticipated local release of 2015?

I’m really looking forward to Mangler‘s first album. They’re based out of Sussex with members from some of Maritime metal’s finest bands – We, The Undersigned, Chainsaw Boogie, and Gallactus. They started playing shows last year and I’ve been lucky enough to be on the same show as them a few times. Just ripping, fuzzed-out, stoner doom.

Name the one Fredericton band you believe more people should know about.

Is it wrong if I say Hard Charger? Seriously though, I’d have to say Scum Lord. They just played their first show last week and totally crushed The Capital. I’m looking forward to see what the future brings for those dudes.

Live music culture is an important part of Fredericton’s identity. If you could improve one aspect of the city’s music scene, what would it be?

If I could change anything, it would be peoples attitudes towards the scene. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard “Oh, the scene sucks” or “I wish there was metal happening in this town”, but when shows happen these people are nowhere to be found. Whining from your computer does not make for a better scene. Going to shows and supporting local and touring bands does. So get off the couch and go to shows even if you have no clue who the bands are. Who knows, you might be missing your new favorite band.

Looking back at the past year, what would you consider to be an important highlight for the city arts scene? 

A major highlight for me was Second Spin opening up downtown. That place rules! I have to space out my visits there for my wallet’s sake. So many awesome records, so little time.
Shawn Smith is a God of Fredericton metal and one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet. A man of many trades, he is one-third of Fredericton hardcore-metal ambassadors, Hard Charger. 
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