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CHSR now offers album tracking services to campus/community radio stations across Canada.


CHSR has a long history championing local musicians and their music. From providing regular airplay to hosting guests and intimate in-studio performances with both local and touring acts, Fredericton’s College Hill Student Radio has helped inspire and encourage generations of Fredericton area musicians.  Now, they’re prepared to take things one step further.

Beginning this month, the station will offer valuable album tracking services in exchange for a donation in support of their continued efforts to keep New Brunswick music front and centre.

“I believe our music scene is as strong, if not stronger than anywhere else in Canada,” said Station Manager Erin Bond. “But it doesn’t always get the public support it deserves. By helping local bands track and promote their albums across Canada we feel we’re helping level the playing field and hopefully giving them exposure to an audience who might not hear them otherwise.”

Through this new service, CHSR will help get artist’s music directly to music managers at campus/community stations across the country, track when an album is played and after a minimum four-week campaign, provide a summary report of their efforts.

With plans to forgo the station’s annual Fundrive, a week-long, program wide effort to raise operating funds through monetary donations, Bond believes this new service still serve the station’s need to generate revenue, while at the same time offering something substantial in return outside of standard programming.

The way she sees it, this new initiative is a logical next step in providing support to one important area of the community.

“Campus/community radio has always been evolving, some stations quicker than others,” said Bond. “CHSR is always trying to think of ways to stay in the forefront. In this day and age of ‘fake news’, censorship, and just the over-saturation of commercial radio, people are turning to their local independent radio stations now more than ever. They offer something unique. Nowhere else in Fredericton will you hear an 11 minute Motherhood track, or some experimental drone music, or a high school band who has nowhere to play. We’ll play it all, and that’s the beauty of campus radio.”

To learn more about this new service, visit www.chsrfm.ca/tracking or contact the station directly.

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