Hear the latest single from Adyn Townes

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Townes walks the line between singer/songwriter and pop music powerhouse with his latest single, Better. 

Matt Carter

The songwriting partnership of Adyn Townes and Bruce Rooney (Coyote/Sorrey) has remained fruitful over much of the past year.  The pair made their introduction by way of Townes’ 2020 EP, In Frames – 1A, a four song release that featured three co-writes between the two. The EP also served to add more depth to Townes’ growing catalog of highly polished, pop-perfect songs which have become his main focus since the release of his last full-length, After The Fall, which arrived in 2018. 

Townes’ latest single, Better, co-written with Rooney, benefits once again by the outstanding production work Colin Buchanan. 

With the release of Better, Townes seems to have found the perfect balance between his earlier work as Andy Brown and the music he has been making since the fall. When listened to in the context of his entire creative output, the rhythmic pace and lyrical phrasing of Better could hold its own in either world with equal strength.


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