Hard Charger Bringing ‘Bad Omens’ to Mexico

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New Brunswick road-hungry crust punks start 2018 off with second tour of Mexico.

At this point, Hard Charger seem to have played in more places than most bands could ever hope for. On more than one occasion they’ve toured across Canada and have played dozens of festivals, clubs and basements throughout much of Europe.

In 2016, the band played their way through the west coast of the United States in support of their most recent full-length, Bad Omens. But months before they got to bask in the heat of the California wild fires, Hard Charger plotted some new ground. They went to Mexico.

“A couple years ago we started corresponding with Cesar from Dogma Destroyer Records about coming to do a tour,” said Hard Charger’s Tom Blizzard.  “He had brought down some bands we are friends with before and they told us we should tour in Mexico. We went for the first time in January 2016 and had a great time playing shows with nice people, good turnouts and some good bands. We also got to hang out with the locals in each place and check out some cool tourist type stuff we never do on tour.

“We did eight shows in Mexico in January 2016 and we will do eight shows this time with a couple different cities,” said Blizzard.

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2018 will also see the band release a split LP with Sherbrooke, Quebec’s Sights of War. That album is expected to arrive in the spring with both groups joining up for a short tour.

“We have a couple other small tours being planned but probably won’t do any long tours this coming year,” said Blizzard.  “We plan to record for a new album in the fall and hit it hard in 2019, hopefully returning to everywhere we’ve been before and some new places.”

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