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Sadie, Wolf Castle, Motherhood and Little You, Little Me will perform at the Imperial Theatre on September 26. 

Here’s a lineup no one would have ever expected to play the Imperial Theatre: Sadie, Wolf Castle, Motherhood and Little You, Little Me. But it’s happening this fall. 

As promoters, venues and bands slowly begin to get a grasp on how to operate under the slew of current health and safety measures, events are starting to pop up more frequently because of course, bands want to play. 

The September 26 four-act bill will see a pair of established independent rock bands, an emerging folk musician and an Indigenous hip hop artist – all from New Brunswick – perform over two separate shows in a single evening.

The event is being organized by artist manager Peter Rowan in partnership with the Imperial Theatre and Quality Block Party. 

“I wanted to set something up because I really miss the music,” said Rowan. “I want to feel it again. The last show Little You Little Me played was in March at The Cap in Fredericton. Even though everything felt a little weird because we were just days away from locking everything up, the show was incredible.”

Prior to approaching the Imperial with his idea, Rowan’s first thought for a mid-pandemic rock show was put to rest before it began to take shape, and probably for the best. 

“I was half considering doing an illegal pop-up show at before my better judgement set in. That’s how desperate I am to see some live music again. I think on some level we all feel this way,” he said. 

Inspired in part by the Incubator Project currently underway at the Imperial, an event that brings local performers onto the Theatre’s stage to rehearse and work with the venue’s full resources at their disposal, Rowan approached the Imperial with his pitch to support local acts in a slightly different way. 

“I went in and met with them and it was really an amazing meeting,” he said. “They were so good to talk to and seemed really excited about this idea of getting these bands on their stage. It went from me thinking this might work to having a partner that seemed really committed to the show and what we are trying to do.

The first performance will feature Sadie and Motherhood with doors at 5:45 and music beginning at 6:15 p.m. An hour intermission will precede the second show to allow time for cleaning staff to reset the venue. Then, it’s Wolf Castle and Little You, Little Me. 

“Everyone is trying to figure out how to make this work in a way that’s safe and fun. We originally imagined this show as a more traditional four band lineup but the closer we got in our planning we realized we couldn’t actually make it work under the current guidelines which I think limit these types of gatherings to about 70 minutes,” said Rowan. “So we split the evening up into two shows and tickets will be available for single shows or for both. It kind of works out nicely this way because the shows are both all ages and who doesn’t appreciate earlier start times?

Tickets for both shows are currently on sale at the Imperial Box Office.


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