Gallery 78 Opens New Virtual Exhibitions

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Two spring exhibitions at Gallery 78 feature work by New Brunswick painter Amber Leger and several others. 

Gallery 78 have launched two new virtual exhibitions as part of its spring series. Values in Gold, featuring work by Amber Leger, highlights her range of portraiture and distinct use of light. 

Representing a feminine force in her work has always been important to Amber. Some of the faces are detailed and dominant in the painting, and to these Amber brings a sensitivity and quiet strength. Others have obscure faces, with only their stance and clothing as visual references. In these latter paintings, she emphasizes that the featured women are familiar yet anonymous, a figure that stands for someone we can all relate to.

The gallery’s second exhibition, Natural Perspectives, features various landscapes interpreted by 13 different artists including Matthew Collins, Peter di Gesu, Danielle Hogan, Tomo Ingalls, Dawn MacNutt, Raymond Martin, David McKay and R.F.M. McInnis.

Depicting the natural world through paint, inks, photography, ceramic or willow, is an extension of our identity, especially in a place like Canada. The land is vast, generous yet indifferent, varied in geographic features, and rendering it through various art forms is a means of expression, an artist’s attempt to understand it and disseminate the idea to others.

Gallery 78 wrap and ship art internationally. They also offer local delivery, straight to your door!  

View both exhibitions online by visiting 


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