Fundy Fringe Festival Preview Night: Good Things Come In Threes

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As the Fundy Fringe Festival gets underway, we’re pleased share three different perspectives from three different festival goers on what each of them are looking forward to at this year’s event.

(Extra) Ordinary Day by Sawyer Stanley

The sixth annual Fundy Fringe Festival kicked things off last night with a preview performance at the BMO Theatre on Princess Street in Uptown Saint John, one of many venues to host performances over the week ahead.

To help get you started in deciding what performances to check out, FFF organizers asked three attendees from last night’s preview to give us their top three picks. Here’s what we learned:

The Disappearance of Scarlett Sky by Cameron Secord

“The Disappearance Of Scarlett Sky starts as Scarlett appears out of the blue and is everything the protagonist wants in a girl: bipolar, judgemental and constantly questioning anything and everything about him. Love has never been so true. The crowd loved the sneak peek and so did I. This play is definitely one to see.”

25 by Elliot Delage

“In25a young woman feels insignificant as opposed to a modern piece of art she sees everyday, a white canvas instillation. To deal with it she decides to become a collaborator on a piece of art, thus the canvas gets a touch of red. I found what I saw was well acted. This show is another one I’d definitely like to see.”

Passing Notes by Aleena Needham

“In Passing Notes, Aleena Needham gave an impressive performance as three different characters. This is another production I would enjoy seeing.”

-Douglas Filmore

The Wicked Fountain of Youth by Veronica Steele

“This performance focuses on the aftermath of growing into adulthood while struggling with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I could not stop laughing and I was left wanting more. The performer is laugh-out-loud funny and very animated with her show. The performance takes a serious matter and turns into a comedic gem.”

(Extra) Ordinary Day by Sawyer Stanley

“I felt like I was watching a real life Ripley’s Believe it or Not. I wanted to look away, but could not, as I was completely captivated by his performance. If you are looking for something different and (extra)ordinary, this is definitely the show for you.”

Educated Askholes by Mandy-Lynn and Joseph Nixon

“This performance offers the audience a combination of comedy and music. This show kept me feeling intrigued and laughing as it offered it’s viewers a fresh and funny approach on a common societal matter. The performers compliment each other well and fun with the material.”

-Jennifer Bourque

The Wicked Fountain of Youth by Veronica Steele

The Disappearance Of Scarlett Sky by Cameron Secord

“The Wicked Fountain of Youth. The acting was spot on – totally believable.  The line about her mother drinking while pregnant really got me, though it was funny it was also horrifying. She ended her set at the perfect time.”

(Extra) Ordinary Day by Sawyer Stanley

“Great interaction with the audience. He is witty, with precise timing and delivery.  The trick with the needle and thread was spectacular, albeit a tad disturbing.”

Glass Closets by James McClure

“James did a terrific job with setting up the scene.  It was well executed despite the limited props. A quintessential Fringe comedy.”

 -Andrea Kikuchi

Big thank to Jennifer Bourque, Douglas Filmore and Andrea Kikuchi for taking the time to share their insight into this year’s performances.

Learn more about these and other performances taking place all week in Saint John by visiting

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