Fundy FRINGE Festival A Go For 2020

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Saint John’s annual fringe festival will host a range or live and live-streamed performances August 17-22.

The Fundy FRINGE Festival have announced plans to go ahead with a modified season for 2020.

As organizers prepare for the festival’s eighth year, they have had to modify the typical layout and develop alternative methods for audiences to take in the events, including a blend of live and live streamed performances. 

“This is an exciting and innovative year for us. We’re so fortunate to have a range of incredible local talent in our lineup. They’re eager to show you their physically-distanced version of their work, and reflection on the current world. Livestreaming will allow us to reach new audience members and add a new layer of accessibility to the FRINGE. We can’t wait for everyone to join us,” said Sarah Rankin, Fundy FRINGE Director.

The 2020 Fundy FRINGE Festival will run August 17-22 with a line-up that includes plenty of comedy, storytelling and some timely performances exploring themes of isolation and mental health. 

The full line-up includes:

Isolation Time by Decoy Productions | Theatre for a Covid world: boxed in, stressed out, jumped up, and dragged down. A minute-by-minute play-by-play through an optimist’s mind taken over by worries of pandemic proportions.

Mashup 2 by Improvisation Corporation | Hamilton, Little Mermaid, My Fair Lady, Jesus Christ Superstar, Sound of Music and Rocky Horror will all be mashed together with hilarious results.

Like Butter In a Dog’s Mouth by Aberrant Theatre | A cautionary folktale about the consequences of indulging in our own darkness, and the lengths necessary to defeat it.

Swing by Pizza Squeeze Inc | Swing (sometimes literally) between stories of first kisses, peed pants, lost virginities, and pissed-off old ladies. A one woman show about finding your place in the world.

The Wren & The Bear by Stumble Upon A Story | A Grimm Brothers tale reimagined with puppetry and musical storytelling that the whole family can enjoy or simply stumble across while in King’s Square.

Every Young Adult Novel Ever: The Musical by Isolation Creation | A musical for all of the die-hard vampire fans, and especially for people who like to make fun of die-hard vampire fans! Closeted Twilight Fans – this one is for you!

Cry Wolf  by InterAction School of Performing Arts | Welcome to a mystery, comedy, and drama – otherwise known as the life of a high-schooler. After the disappearance of a local teen, people start to make assumptions. Through modern storytelling techniques, Cry Wolf tests the boundaries between truth and rumour.

Just Desserts by Kay Kreative Arts | Kelsey is a loveable oddball who has never been the bell of the ball. When she catches the eye of the smooth talking Xander, she is over the moon. When an unexpected source dishes out alarming new details about who he really is, it casts a cloud of doubt over her new fairy tale romance.

Sarah/Frank by Minmar Gaslight Productions | A 30-minute audio experience (think radio play meets theatrical sound design) retracing the untold story of a Canadian legend who fought in the American Civil War. A unique viewpoint from history’s pages that examines how gender, identity, and sexuality are challenged during wartime in the 1800s.

Visit for more information on when and how to enjoy these performances.

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