Fredericton Playhouse Announces Artist Residency Program

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New initiative sees the Fredericton Playhouse offering artists an opportunity to create, rehearse and experiment on stage.

Photo: Matt Carter

The Fredericton Playhouse has announced a new artist residency program. InterMISSION will offer local artists the opportunity to work and create within one of the province’s most respected performing arts venues and provide access to the facility’s stage, equipment and in-house expertise.

“Given that our core business is gathering people in large groups to have shared live performance experiences, we have not been able to operate in our usual fashion since mid-March. Even with the most recent lifting of restrictions, we do not anticipate having a busy fall with our seating capacity reduced so significantly,” explains Executive Director Tim Yerxa. “We have been presented an opportunity to use the theatre for other things. Working with local artists and giving them an opportunity to work in the venue was a no brainer.”

Musicians, theatre makers, dancers and other performing artists are encouraged to apply for a four-day residency. Each residency offers access to specialized professional advisors, technical support, and digital video production to create performance or documentary material for online sharing.

To fund the artist fees and other program costs, the Fredericton Playhouse is launching a fundraising campaign this summer. Donations will augment contributions from the Government of New Brunswick and the City of Fredericton’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Funding Program.

“We hope people will step up and support our local artists in this way,” says Yerxa. “They really need our help at this time.”

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