Fredericton Arts Alliance Summer Residencies continue with Xiuting Shi

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Local artist Xiuting Shi to create large and immersive painting on the Green. 

Pictured: Some details from Xiuting Shi ‘s work Sunday, a 4’ x 9’ triptych. Check out more of her work at @xixut on Instagram, and stay tuned to watch her progress this week!

Xiuting Shi will create a 4×9-foot painting on tri-fold plywood for her residency with the Fredericton Arts Alliance. Upon its completion, the painting will be installed on the Green where passersby can enjoy the unique viewing experience created by the reflective surfaces of the piece.

On this year’s theme, Shi said: “‘Looking inwards/looking outwards’ brings up ideas of introspection and observation, and their reciprocity. In my work, I will place mirrors so that the viewer can see their face, accommodating introspection. My subjects will be observing the painted scene. As for reciprocity, the different angling of the plywood and the viewer’s positioning would change the images reflected.”

Shi’s residence will take place July 4-10. She will spend this time working on the painting, and will present the finished piece on the Green later in July. It will be installed next to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, and Shi will be available on-site to discuss her work.

Shi will be sharing her process with the public via her own Instagram account as well as the Fredericton Arts Alliance’s social media pages. Shi’s art Instagram can be found at @xixut. The Fredericton Arts Alliance social media links are:, Fredericton Arts Alliance on Facebook, @fredartsalliance on Instagram, and @FrederictonArts on Twitter. 

Xiuting Shi is a Fredericton-based artist. Recently awarded the Fred Ross Scholarship by the Sheils Hugh Mckay Foundation, she will be studying Architecture at the University of Waterloo starting next year. Her main medium is painting, and her practice also includes drawing and sculpture. Her work touches upon human anatomy and abstract forms.

Shi is the second artist to host a residency for the FAA this summer. The ten artists were selected by an independent jury from those who applied for residencies. The FAA pays each artist for their time in residence.

The Fredericton Arts Alliance gratefully acknowledges support from the City of Fredericton and Downtown Fredericton for this project.


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