Four new video singles from Jaguar Knight

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Whether he’s taking a bath with a toaster, dancing on the roof of a car, or going off on a green screen, Jaguar Knight’s multimedia approach to entertainment is unparalleled. 

Matt Carter 

Gaspereau Forks, NB may someday erect a sign that reads, Gaspereau Forks – Home of Jaguar Knight. Afterall, few communities in the province can lay claim to as creative a force as musician/visual artist Philip Clark. 

Over the past week, Clark, the one-person, dance music, wrecking crew who began releasing music as Jaguar Knight a decade ago, has shared four new singles dating back to the beginning of the early pandemic era when he participated in Festival Inspire’s 2020 livestream. 

While each of the four videos posted last week reflect some aspect of Clark’s creative desire to make art without boundaries, it may be his video for the song I Call Shotgun that best sums up both his abilities as a performer and multinstrumentaist and his diehard DIY ethics. 

“This song is about how I’ve been in a moving vehicle seven times when the brakes have failed,” wrote Clark on an Instagram post announcing the video. “I’m still alive so I can tell you, the trick when you’ve lost your brakes is to stay calm and aim for something soft.”

While balanced on the snow covered roof of his car, Clark sings about all night drives, rest stops and attempts at scoring a place to crash, while using a megaphone and an electric guitar, accompanied by another self composed party banger. 

Other videos released last week employ equally creative settings like a bathtub, a be-anything green screen background and a standard DJ booth. 

It’s all fun. It’s all out there. It’s all Gaspereau Forks. It’s all Jaguar Knight.

Follow Jaguar Knight on YouTube for the complete series.

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