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The team behind The Capital Project have just made the full Final Concert available to stream from the comfort of your home. 

Matt Carter

On November 2, 2017, the Silver Wave Film Festival kicked things off with a big evening of live music at Fredericton’s Boyce Farmer’s Market.  Billed as the last major shoot for Raynemaker Productions’ documentary and web-series The Capital Project, this major concert event put the spotlight on local and regional artists in a way few other events have, before or since.  The night included performances by The Hypochondriacs, Weak Size Fish, Kill Chicago, Little You, Little Me, Motherhood, Janowskii, Some Dads, The Crossroad Devils, The Waking Night, First Words, Monark, Levi Rowan, Ceeb Dread and others. 

The performance was sponsored by Sabian and the audience was encouraged to shoot the show using their mobile devices.  While a final cut of the concert featuring fan footage never materialized, some of what was collected can be seen at the end of this two hour performance.

So, all this to say, while you’re at home scrolling through your Netflix menu looking for something to watch, consider adding this to your entertainment queue. It’s a serious celebration of New Brunswick music. Enjoy!

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