Gallery 78 Host New Exhibition Online

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Gallery 78 host virtual exhibition of work by Marjory Donaldson and Bruno and Molly Bobak.

Matt Carter
Nude. 1970, oil on canvas, 30 x 60 in. framed dimensions: 31.25 x 61.25 in. Marjory Donaldson.

Gallery 78’s latest exhibition opens online March 27 as the gallery works to adapt to the province’s current health situation. While art lovers will miss out on the experience of visiting the downtown gallery in person, at least for the time being, this temporary alteration in programming does come with a few additional bonuses. 

A typical visit to Gallery 78 usually includes a short conversation with the gallery’s staff who are always more than willing to talk about the artists and the work on display. While these intimate and knowledge filled conversations are off the table for the time being, a visit to the gallery’s website can, in some ways, prove even more educational. 

As with every exhibition they host, Gallery 78 provides online resources that support each exhibiting artist and often include a biography, an artist statement (when available), videos and additional images of additional works not included in the current exhibitions.    

All this to say, take some time to explore the artists involved in A Retrospective, on display March 27 to April 19, an learn what makes Gallery 78 such an important part of our city’s arts community. 

Featured Artists:

Marjory Donaldson | Bruno Bobak | Molly Lamb Bobak


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