For Your Ears Only Shares a New Collection of Low-fi Instrumentals

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Saint John-based guitarist Colin Casey offers up his latest collection of one-off instrumentals with The Familiar Refrain. 

Matt Carter 

Colin Casey has been quietly releasing low-fi guitar instrumentals for the past twenty years. Originally from Miramichi and now living in Saint John, Casey has released a total of 15 singles, EPs and albums through his project For Your Ears Only since the pandemic began. 

Casey’s output since 2020, totaling nearly 100 original compositions and occasional covers, have for the most part all been recorded using only a mobile phone.

“My approach is closer to journaling or sketching,” said Casey. “I record a new song (almost) nightly.  Nothing is rehearsed and none of these songs are ever played again.  When it works, I have something I can put into a release. When it doesn’t, then at least I have fun in the process.”

Casey’s latest release, The Familiar Refrain, is a collection of seven instrumentals recorded between May of last year and this year, each blending intricate compositions with occasional sounds from the environment in true low-fi fashion. 

The Familiar Refrain is a definite must-listen for fans of low-fi, bedroom recordings, and acoustic improvisations. 

The Familiar Refrain was released June 13, 2022. 

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