Flourish Festival Announce 2019 Lineup

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Fredericton’s annual celebration of independent artists and music makers will take place April 25-28.

Flourish Festival have announced many of the artists and musicians set to perform as part of this year’s festival. Today’s announcement includes more than 40 performers from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and the United States. This year’s lineup also includes the largest contingent of visual/sound artists in the festival’s history with more than 20 painters, print makers, comic artists, writers and other performers set to showcase their work at various locations during the event.

Growing a little more each year, this year’s Flourish Festival will include seven venues, a pop-up literary show, a fashion show, a pop-up barber shop and a signature beer c/o Greystone Brewing.

Passes are on sale today. All access passes are $70 and $30 for all-ages, under 19 events and performances.  Limited individual tickets and a complete festival schedule will be available March 14.

Visit flourish-fest.com for a detailed look at all the artists involved in this year’s festival and be sure to follow gridcitymagazine.com for upcoming features on many of this year’s participating artists.

Flourish Festival Music Lineup:

And The Kids (USA) / BBQT (QC) / Bleu Nuit (QC) / Bleum (NB) / Carinae (USA) / Coy (PEI) / DenMother (NB) / Emilio Bonnell (NB) / Esme & The Dishrags (NS) / Frooti-Toot-e (NB) / Fungus (NS) / Heat $heets (NB) / Helium Submarine (NB) / Jane Blanchard (NB) / Janowskii (NB) / Jerry Faye (NB) / Julie Aube (NB) / Kee Avil (QC) / Klackers (NB) / Kral Majales (NB) / Kylie Fox (NB) / l i l a (QC) / Lemongrab (QC) / Lex Leosis (ON) / Marian (NB) / Mary-Kate Edwards (ON) / Merival (ON) / Motherhood (NB) / No, It’s Fine (NS) / Pallmer (NB) / Property (NFLD) / Run Coyote (ON) / Sadie (NB) / Shady Jane (NB) / Terminal (NB) / Terre Wa (NB) / Thanya Iyer (QC) / The Backstays (NB) / The Hypochondriacs (NB) / Valerie (NS) / VERSA (ON) / Weakened Friends (USA) / Weary (NFLD) / Wrote (NB) / Young Satan in Love (NB) 

Flourish Festival Visual Artist and Performance Lineup:

Amery Sandford (QC) / Alex Kennedy (NB) / Ashley Sheard (NB) / Charles Harding (NB) / Connexion ARC (NB) / Craig Budovitch (NB) / Dawn Steeves (NB) / Duncan Ireland (NB) / Emily Blair (NB) / Erin Goodine (NB) / Hot Garbage Players (NB) / Katie Foal (NB) / Kristina Rolander (USA) / Laura Watson (ON) / Patrick Allaby (NB) / Lisa Kim (NB) / Mariah Sockabasin (NB) / Melissa McMichael (NB) / Rachel Thornton (NB) / Reuben Mark Stewart (NB) / Sarah Kierstead (NB) / Shiftwork Collective (NB) / Stefan Westner (NB) / Tracy Austin (NB) / VERSA (ON)

Related: Musician and visual artist Amery Sandford will be performing and creating in Fredericton this spring as part of this year’s Flourish Festival.

Related: PEI trio Coy will make their New Brunswick debut at Flourish Festival 2019.  

Related: The Halifax group No, It’s Fine will play their first out of province show as part of Flourish 2019.


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