FEST FORWARD returns to the CSAC this weekend.

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The CSAC’s annual musician development weekend FEST FORWARD takes place this week with public showcases Friday and Saturday nights. 

For close to a decade, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre has been providing emerging musicians and groups with valuable mentorship aimed at getting their music ready to share with the masses. Along with performance opportunities in the Friday and Saturday evening showcases which partner new acts with more established performers, FEST FORWARD participants attend workshops, planning sessions, and other resource meet-ups that share the knowledge many emerging performers spend years acquiring. They leave the weekend with professional photos, a music video, and even a spot on a 2023 festival stage.

“This event is an important incubator that will bring emerging acts to The Jim Myles Auditorium to showcase their talents that range from folk to glam rock,” said Eva George, program director at the CSAC. “The goal is that each FEST FORWARD participant will be equipped to take their careers to the next level.”

This year’s showcase headliners are East Coast Canadian hip hop artist LXVNDR (Friday, November 14) and The Tortoise the Hare and the Millionaire (Saturday, November 16). Tickets on sale now! 

This year’s FEST FORWARD artists: 

Danielle Doiron (Bandcamp Link)
Ava Strange (Bandcamp Link)
Freya Milliken (Video Clip)
El Tata (Spotify Link)
HEXEE (Spotify Link)
Merci Buckets (Instagram Link)

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