FAA’s Summer Arts Residencies Wrap Up This Week

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Lena Beckley will create a series of watercolours inspired by her interest in biodiversity.

Photo: facebook.com/LenaBeckleyArt/

Keswick Ridge artist Lena Beckley will paint a series of watercolours of native flora during her virtual residency with the Fredericton Arts Alliance September 20 to 26. 

Beckley says the pieces will resemble formal botanical illustrations. “I would like to celebrate the biodiversity and beauty of our local plants,” she said. “My residency will take place on 160 acres of Keswick Ridge. I would source my plants from that land, based on what is currently in bloom.”

Lena Beckley is a scientist, an artist and an advocate for biodiversity, and wants to tell others about its importance. 

“Biodiversity is an essential way to help limit the spread of viruses such as COVID-19. I will be showcasing our biodiversity and the need to protect it.” 

Beckley will be updating viewers daily on her paintings. Her work will be covered daily on the Fredericton Arts Alliance’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. 

This residency concludes the FAA’s summer virtual residencies. The FAA would like to thank all of the artists who have participated and made this such an engaging season. All artists were selected by an independent jury, to ensure a high caliber of art is produced. The FAA pays artists an honorarium, made possible with support from the City of Fredericton.


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