FAA Welcome Playwright for Summer Residency

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Playwright Jean-Michel Cliche to explore Third Culture and his own Arabic heritage in new play.

(Fredericton) The Fredericton Arts Alliance will welcome playwright Jean-Michel Cliche as artist in residence for the week of August 15-21. Cliche is writing a new play about Palamedes, King Arthur’s only Arabic Knight of the Round Table. He said it will likely be a one-act play, and it may be staged by theatre companies upon its completion.

Through the process Cliche will explore his own Arabic heritage by researching the stories of Palamedes and his role as a knight. The playwright will also explore third culture, the culture in which an individual lives that is distinct from the two primary cultures of their heritage. For example, Cliche’s parents are French and Lebanese, making him a “Third Culture Kid.”

The artist will host a free stage fighting workshop, teaching a choreographed “fight” as well as basics of safe combat in theatre. The workshop will take place at Odell Park on Saturday Aug. 21, at 2 p.m. The fight choreography will be based on a scene from Cliche’s play, giving theatre fans an opportunity to engage with the project.

“As playwriting is a very solitary art form, I hope to make playwriting more accessible by inviting viewers into the writing process,” said Cliche. “I want to demonstrate that anyone is capable of writing for theatre.”

Cliche’s project is one of 10 weekly residencies hosted by the Fredericton Arts Alliance this summer. His residency will span Aug. 15 to 21. His work will be shared daily on the FAA’s social media platforms. 

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