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Third Space Gallery issues a call for proposals to all current gallery members.

Third Space GalleryLast week, Saint John’s artist-run centre for contemporary art issued a call for submissions to all current members interested in participating in future programming. The gallery is seeking proposals for screenings, performances, new media works, exhibits, talks, and other initiatives.

The gallery’s programming space, located in the Third Space Gallery office at 89 Canterbury Street, Suite 407, allows the gallery the opportunity to support and encourage artistic production and presentation. Any Third Space Gallery member has the opportunity to use this space and receive non-monetary support from the Membership Committee to present their work.

Space is limited and priority will be given to work that aligns itself with Third Space Gallery’s mandate with the main objectives being:

  • To present work that is exploratory, challenging and critical in nature.
  • To present work that questions and confronts social and political agendas.
  • To present work that may not be commercially viable.
  • To provide a standard of excellence.
  • To encourage exploratory and hybrid curatorial practices.
  • To develop creative partnerships and collaborations.
  • To be treated in a fair and professional manner.
  • To be an open, inviting and inclusive space; everyone is welcome.
  • To ensure a variety of educational and community-sensitive programming.

To apply, please email tiersespace@gmail.com with the subject heading ‘Member show’ and include 3-5 images of your work or a link to your online portfolio, a brief proposal (500 words max), and any technical or other requirements.

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