Exhibition Openings – In Transition & A Joyful Passion

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The Charlotte Street Arts Centre invites the public to join them January 15th to celebrate the opening of two new exhibitions – In Transition, by Dawn Steeves, and A Joyful Passion, by the ImaginArt collective.

unnamed2In Transition, featuring work from innovative painter and Fredericton resident, Dawn Steeves, opens in the Charlotte Glencross Gallery.

From Dawn, “I do a lot of thinking as I paint; making up stories; talking to myself. Lately, I have been concerned about the fate of our planet, spinning on its axis, circling around the Sun. I am concerned about the fate of nature and life on this planet, and how I personally can help to heal it. I think about how fragmented we are as humans in this digital age. I obsessively layer the paint and charcoal in circular, rhythmic motion, sometimes with loud colour; sometimes black and white. I play with time and magic, likeness and colour.
I don’t always have a plan when I begin a piece. Occasionally the images emerge as if they grew on the canvas naturally. Other times I have to tease them out. I let the paintings tell their own stories.”

A Joyful Passion features work created by the ImaginArt collective, students in unnamed1Margaret Bannister’s weekly art class. From ImaginArt, “The passion of art, it can be old, it can be young.  We are seven individuals who have something in common – we all derive great joy from painting.  Of diverse ages and stages in life, we have come together, bound by our determination to create beauty with watercolours. We paint together once a week at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, hosted and guided by local artist, Margaret Bannister.  A little water, a bit of paint and … we create.  We are proud to have this opportunity to display our work.”

ImaginArt artists, led by Margaret Bannister, include:
Pam Breau
, Louise Corey
Sally Crawford, Lucinda Hughey
Heather Scott
Gloria White
Connie Storr

Opening reception for both exhibits will take place Friday, January 15th, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

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