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“V” features work by five established New Brunswick artists. Opening reception May 5, 2017.

Gallery On QueenThe Gallery on Queen has a new exhibit of work opening Friday May 5.  V, a group exhibition that features work by five established New Brunswick artists, was curated by Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s adjunct curator Roslyn Rosenfeld.

“Inviting a guest curator is an unusual twist for a commercial gallery,” said Gallery on Queen’s Nadia Khoury. “Roslyn has known these artists for the last 30 years and has watched their careers unfold. They’ve all had much success in the early stages of their art careers.

“They’ve all showed their together for years but, it has been a while since they exhibited together.”

With this exhibition, the Gallery On Queen continues its focus on contemporary art with artists who explore the technical and conceptual characteristics of visual art.

“When given the opportunity to curate a show, a number of excellent established artists came to mind, artists whose work and work ethic I respect enormously and artists of ongoing originality, yet whose work has not had the exposure one would think they deserve,” said guest curator Roslyn Rosenfeld. “The ‘emerging artist’ has our attention these days, as with the latest and newest in every field.  While the emergence of serious young artists is to be celebrated, it should not overshadow the ongoing, and increasingly meaningful creativity of artists like those in this exhibition: Sarah Petite, Greg Charlton, Angel Gomez, Carol Collicutt and Muriel Bell, most of whom were members of the original Gallery Connexion.”

The exhibit brings together a wide range of mediums and techniques including photo-based works, painting, encaustic assemblage, collage and drawing.

“Diverse in approach, they share concerns for memory, the erosion of our personal, as well as our architectural, past, and the existential act of creation itself,” said Rosenfeld.

Opening Reception | Friday May 5, 2017 | 5 – 8 p.m. | Gallery on Queen | 406 Queen Street, Fredericton | View Event

The Artists:

Muriel Bell

Sentient by Muriel Bell
Sentient by Muriel Bell

Muriel Bell grew up in the Lake of the Woods district of northwestern Ontario. From her discovery of the art of the Group of Seven painters, she was drawn to study at the Ontario College of Art. Muriel Bell is an Associate of the Ontario College of Art. “Within the realm of colour, form and line, many avenues of possibility exist. Images emerge from the unconscious. The evolution of these pieces involves allegory; the juxtaposition of realism with abstraction and the literal with the imagined, often through collage.” Her enriched, detailed surfaces include materials “transformed by natural processes of evaporation, burning, and sedimentation.”


Carol Collicutt

Once by Carol Collicutt
Once by Carol Collicutt

Carol Collicutt is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Fredericton. For nearly 25 years, she sat on the board of Gallery Connexion and was the President for six years. She is currently Chair of the Board of ARTSNB. Collicutt holds a Diploma from NSCAD, a BA from Dalhousie University, and a BEd from St. Thomas University. In her photo based works “ the idea of the death of the body became secondary to the death of memory and experience, the things which mark us as individuals. The properties of memory began to emerge –subjectivity, revisionism, selectiveness, fragmentation”.


Angel Gomez

Chabolas VII by Angel Gomez
Chabolas VII by Angel Gomez

Angel Gomez was born in the province of Segovia, Spain. Gomez began taking drawing courses at the local Escuela de Artes y Oficios. In Madrid, he attended sessions of ‘Drawing of the Human Figure’ at the Circulo de Bellas Artes. Gomez has been involved in numerous exhibitions in Spain and Canada. He currently has works at the McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, Ontario and Beaverbrook Art Gallery “With this work I want to pay homage to the towns and villages of another era, which now lie abandoned. I have offered my interpretation and, in lending a poetic quality to my paintings, I have hope that we can reclaim our land”.


Greg Charlton

Cement Paint, Marlbank ON by Greg Charlton
Cement Paint, Marlbank ON by Greg Charlton

Greg Charlton is a Fredericton-based visual artist who concentrates on themes of transformation and change – via drawings of architecture and infrastructure based on place and historical narratives. His practice encompasses, along with drawing, site-specific interventions and experiments into perceptual phenomenon. He holds a BFA from the Ontario College of Art. “I document and interpret, through the act of photography and drawing, sites found in the Canadian landscape that point to national and historical narratives. Narratives related to community, nationhood, industry, defense and migration”.

Sarah Petite

Trespassing by Sarah Petite
Trespassing by Sarah Petite

Sarah Petite grew up in Boston, discovered Canada in 1964, and became a Canadian citizen in 1971. She studied at the University of King’s College, NSCAD University, and the University of East Anglia in the UK. While she has always worked in encaustic, her most recent work takes new risks, starting with cutting apart, then re-combining, her wood supports. “My theme is the workings of human will. When and why do we obey or disobey, argue, negotiate, cheat, or finally agree and accept? The images become like a piece of theatre, each spoken phrase changing the thing itself while cueing the next phrase, in a march to the finale.”

Gallery On Queen is a modern space located in Fredericton’s historic downtown, one block away from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. It houses an ever-changing collection of contemporary art from across Canada with media that includes painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography and ceramics. Only eleven months old the gallery is already nationally known for its collection of Atlantic and Canadian works of art. One of New Brunswick’s leading art galleries, and most important cultural treasures, its mission is to bring art and community together in a dynamic cultural environment dedicated to the highest standards through its exhibitions.

Learn more at www.galleryonqueen.com

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