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“Stranded” by Victoria Moon Joyce and “Small Works” by Silverfish Photography Collective at Gallery 78 run until Oct. 2

Visions Of Mark Rothko – Cape Spear, Newfoundland, 2016 | Pigment Print 12.25 X 18.25 In. | Framed Dimension: 17.5 X 23.5 In. | by Peter Gross | Part of Small Works.

Victoria Moon Joyce, a thoughtful painter whose works invite contemplation and discussion, offers a variety of reflections on the word “Stranded” in her current exhibition – from frayed rope to abandoned weirs, from a ghost deer on a highway to a human heading to the fuelling station in a snow storm, the artist hopes to inspire creative threads of thinking that are linked to the old yet move somewhere new; strengthened by bringing together multiple and varied strands of vision, passion and endeavour for the future.

SilverFish Photography Collective, an active and vibrant group of art photographers, exhibit together in various venues.  Each member explores the medium of photography with meaning aplomb.  In “Small Works” members reflect on how to capture this grand world and all its myriad facets in small images – harnessing their cameras to focus in purposefully on the essential elements they wish to capture.  The resulting images distil their chosen subjects, opening a window onto reflections of the world.

Watch for details on Gallery 78’s 40th Anniversary Exhibition coming up next!

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