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New exhibits at Gallery 78 feature work by Réjean Roy, Raymond Martin, Joseph Plaskett, Molly Lamb Bobak and several others.

Company House, Inverness | Steven Rhude | 28 x 28 | One of several works included in Vistas of the East.

Gallery 78 opened two new exhibits last week featuring works by many of the gallery’s most notable artists.

Vistas of the East:

The name says it all. This exhibit features rural and urban landscapes captured in a variety of mediums from oils and acrylics to photography and watercolors. Like a full summer’s worth of regional exploring, Vistas of the East is a true celebration of East Coast beauty with work by Gerard Collins, Peter Gough, Glenn Hall, Andrew Henderson, Amber Leger, Jonathan MacDonald, Ann Manuel, Raymond Martin, Stephen May, Dawn McCracken, Steven Rhude, Réjean Roy, Stephen Scott, Guy Vézine and James Wilson. Learn more about all these artists here.

The Splendour of Serenity:

Blossoms, flowers and the natural beauty of summer take centre stage in this stunning exhibit featuring work by Molly Lamb Bobak, Joanne M. Hunt, Susan Paterson, Joseph Plaskett, Cathy Ross, Peggy Smith and James Wilson. Learn more about all these artists here.

Step out of the sun and take a tour of this virtual garden, on display until Sunday, July 30


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