Dillon Ryan & The Dream Romantic share first single

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‘River of Past Reflection’ channels 80’s New Wave to create Ryan’s most focused and polished material to date.

Dillon Ryan has shared the first new single from his latest project, Dillon Ryan & The Dream Romantic. The group, made up of Ryan and drummer Paul Oldfield and bass player Remi Richard, have been working closely with producer John Mullane (In-Flight Safety) to capture the group’s new material. River of Past Reflection is also the first single co-written by Ryan and Mullane.

Ryan began releasing music in 2013. What started off as a studio project eventually morphed into the band Dillon Ryan’s Hindsight.

“Hindsight was initially a project that I started in 2013 that was only supposed to be a studio project where I would write and record songs about things that I’ve experienced,” said Ryan. “It was meant to be very autobiographical in its presentation. Fast forward a couple years, I decided I wanted to make a live band so I kept the band name the same as the record, Dillon Ryan’s Hindsight.  Then in 2016 when I started writing some of these new songs, I ended up relocating the band to Moncton and playing a ton of shows almost road testing these songs in a way. I felt a change was in order and really wanted to create a name that zoned in on what the band sounds like.”

Drawing influence from The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Smiths, River Of Past Reflection represents Ryan’s most focused and polished material to date.

“The song is a commentary on how people tend to romanticize the relationships we have had that may have fallen apart,” said Ryan. “Whether that means someone you used to be friends with, a past partner, or a band that you were in. Whatever it may be. I think when people actually have time to reflect on things we can get very caught up in the ‘What ifs’ and ‘What could I have done differently?’. Lyrically, I would say that this is somewhat of a reoccurring narrative in a lot of the new Dream Romantic songs.

“I think the first record was very honest and robust in its presentation,” said Ryan. “I’m still very proud of it because it was the best I knew how to do at that point in time as a musician and songwriter. Stylistically with The Dream Romantic I think we lean pretty heavy on the darker, more serious side of New Wave while still retaining a catchy playful aspect to the compositions.”

Ryan credits the help of In-Flight Safety co-founder John Mullane for helping to guide the direction his new music has taken. In addition to co-writing this latest single, Mullane also recorded, mixed and produced the track.

“Working with John on this new music has been such a great experience in the evolution of my song writing,” said Ryan. “He’s really taught me a lot of about song design, constructing melodies and thinking in ways I probably would never have done if I continued to self-produce my music. I would say the music is much more informed now.”

Upcoming Shows

April 14th – Well Pub, Nelson, NB
April 27th -Quality Block Party, Saint John. NB
April 28th – Plan B Lounge, Moncton
May 5th – John Giles Music Room, Woodstock NB
May 19th – O’donaghues, Miramichi, NB
May 26th – Rotary Festival, Miramichi NB
June 15th – Resto-Le Deck, Edmundston, NB
June 16th – Brasserie Beaubien, Montreal, QC

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