Country Doom Art Rock?

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Dartmouth, Nova Scotia’s Fungus join Holy Crow and Chillteens this Thursday at The Capital.

Matt Carter

The Dartmouth, Nova Scotia trio Fungus are aiming for the indescribable. While they collectively self-identify as avant-rock, a label that can pretty much carry with it any combination of genres stewed together at varying degrees of heat for varying lengths of time, the band’s sound is definitely rooted in storm clouds and shadows.

The group’s 2018 debut EP D‘Well draws heavily upon the familiar sounds of roots and country, albeit with a severe Bad Seeds meets Cuff The Duke foreboding, compounded by the deep descending bassline that holds together the EP’s opening track, Fell From A Tree. As the following four tracks evolve through, things get progressively more distinct, revealing unexpected directions and routes that may be ever-so-slightly worthy of the avant handle. Familiar, yet odd enough to linger in your memory.

The distinction becomes a bit more relevant on the two latest singles from Fungus – Waterboy and A Thing In Common – where shifts in melody and rhythm skillfully work to create a sense of unease, while somehow remaining completely at ease. It seems they’ve found their direction.

For those who missed the band’s performance at Flourish Festival back in April, this is your week.  Fungus will play The Capital Complex on Thursday night along with Halifax queer folk duo Holy Crow and Fredericton’s own Chillteens.

Fungus + Holy Crow + Chillteens | June 20 | The Capital | Fredericton, NB | View Event 


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