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Comedian Trevor Muxworthy to record live performance for upcoming release.

Grid City Magazine - Trevor MuxworthyComedy returns to The Capital Complex this weekend with a special live performance recording by New Brunswick comedian Trevor Muxworthy.

“I’m collaborating with a good friend of mine, Pete Breau,” said Muxworthy. “He approached me with the idea. I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen. We go back a ways. Home room grade 12. I would like something to float around on the Internet forever. This project is also going to showcase three other New Brunswick stand-up acts – James Mullinger, Shane Ogden, and John Bailey. It seems like a good time. Stand up in Fredericton might jump the shark.”

The evening’s performance will be captured on video as well as audio. Muxworthy plans to make it available in both formats later this year via the usual means – Youtube, Vimeo and Bandcamp.

Comedy events have been sprouting up across many city venues in recent years. Some say it’s a direct result of our struggling economy while others argue comedy’s resurgence is the result of nothing more than the need for more variety in available entertainment. Whatever the reason may be, this comedian feels the province’s hunger for laughter remains on the rise.

“There is always an audience in New Brunswick,” he said. “Well not always. I’ve never had good luck in Moncton or Porter Cove, NB for that matter. Would you believe that? It’d be nice to have a couple of more opportunities a month but things are looking better and better everyday for comedy in NB. 11009074_10152561748730388_1287145941_n

“It’s a miracle we have a scene in New Brunswick. Four years ago there wasn’t much of a scene at all. I mean you’ve always had your Yuk Yuks corporate hotel shows and the odd stand-up show at The Playhouse or The Capitol, but there wasn’t a group of people hanging out on a patio discussing who’s dick they’d rather suck, Patton Oswalt’s or Paul F Tompkin’s. We have that now. And it’s beautiful,” he said.

Four years ago we had one show a month at The Capital. Now we’ve got monthly shows in Fredericton located at Wilser’s Room, Corked, The Elks Club and The Cellar. Also, Jon Forward runs a great room in Saint John for his monthly No Jokes Barred event and Shane Ogden brings in top Canadian talent with his show Shane Ogden Presents. You can catch SOP events at Corked in Fredericton and The Function Junction in Saint John.

As for future plans, Muxworthy’s goal is simple.

“I’m just going to try and put myself on as many stages as possible.”

Trevor Muxworthy+James Mullinger+Shane Ogden+John Bailey | Wilser’s Room | February 21, 2015 | Doors 8:00PM | $10
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