Cinema Politica Fredericton Screens: “Playa Coloniale”

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cropped-affiche1Playa Coloniale is a grinding look at the tourist industry that, along with its users, doesn’t question itself. Without a doubt, the right to go on vacation after working hard is legitimate.  However, what do we do about our hosts’ right to go on vacation? Is the money we spend there really a source of progress or economic empowerment? Playa Coloniale gives a voice to the tourist, the Cuban street sweeper and the intellectual dissident.

This film is in French & Spanish and shown with English subtitles. An optional discussion will follow the film.

Films are free to the public. Donations are welcome to help with network membership fees.

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Cinema Politica Fredericton Screens: Playa Coloniale | January 22, 2016 | 180 St. John Street | 7 p.m. | no charge

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