Christmas Cover Shows!

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A Longstanding Fredericton Tradition Continues

After more than ten years, The Capital Complex continues to uphold the tradition of the Christmas Cover Show Series. This event brings together local musicians working to support the Fredericton Food Bank by doing what they love, performing music. These artists year after year choose their favourite, most influential artists who have inspired them throughout their musical career and then bring that music to the stage to help raise money. Originally a one night affair this event has grown to three nights and includes over 12+ acts raising upwards $4,000.00 in 2013 alone.

“It’s definitely become to series of shows that people plan for in advance,” said Zach Atkinson, of The Capital Complex. “I have bands contacting me in July telling me their artist selection. It seems to be on most people’s mind throughout the year, which is awesome because I haven’t even begun to think about this at that point. Overall it’s just a one of those traditions in the Fredericton music scene that people embrace whether they still live in the city or are coming home for the holidays.”

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Thursday December 18

Micheal Jackson by Stephen Lewis & friends
The Band by Josh Bravener & friends
The Cars by Mayors & friends
Billy Joel by Mr. Christie Brinkley
Pavement by Sentimentals
The Doors by Elephants Gerald
Doors: 9pm
Show: 9:30pm

Friday December 19
Weezer by Jason Flores & friends
Guided By Voices by The Trick
Spoon by Shifty Bits Cult
Duran Duran by Young Satan In Love
Doors: 9pm
Show: 10pm

Monday December 22
Danzig by Hard Charger
Motley Crue by Hero’s Last Rite
Judas Priest by The Green Lung Grinders
Deftones by Dylan Kenneth Lenton & friends
Doors: 9pm

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