Chillteens Tease Upcoming Album

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With the release of their latest video, Chillteens reveal new lineup and share a taste of new material planned for upcoming album.

A lot has happened since Chillteens released their debut, Sweet Songs, back in 2017.  Founded by Fredericton-based musician Oscar Tecu, the group’s initial recording lineup featured bassist Kira-Maya Tecu together with a range of guest musicians including Kelly Waterhouse (The Hypochondriacs), Emily Kennedy (Pallmer) and Luke Wilson (Cellarghost).

Now with a revamped lineup that includes the Tecu siblings with Aidan Bullock on guitar and Corey Gulliver on drums, the band are now mixing their dreamy pop aesthetic with increased elements of jazz and R&B as they work to complete a new album.

Last week Chillteens shared an in-studio video for the track I’m 11 So STFU, recorded live at Marshall Studios in Fredericton.

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