Charlotte Street Arts Centre’s Kiln Project

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The Charlotte Street Arts Centre is raising funds to purchase a kiln for emerging ceramic artists and future pottery classes. Here is your chance to purchase one of 100 handmade bowls in support of this unique community asset. 

Over the last few years, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre has heard from the ceramic artist community about the need for a kiln that is accessible to the public. For newly trained artists, purchasing a kiln can be a huge burden, and that’s not including the upgrades required to an electrical panel, additional equipment, materials and tools are all needed to have a proper kiln set up.

Charlotte Street Arts Centre would like to offer affordable and accessible classes to the public, as well as reserve time for local artists to gain access to the kiln so that they can further their practice and continue to provide quality and professional crafts to our local market. Enter the Charlotte Street Arts Centre’s Kiln Project.

Each purchase (minimum $50) gets you a handcrafted bowl made by Jen Pilon of The Hive Ceramics and a bowl of homemade soup made by Milda’s Pizza and More! All proceeds go towards purchasing the kiln. 

Orders can be placed at for pick up on December 17 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. in the Charlotte Street Arts Centre Community Room during the FeelsGood Craft Market

What is a Kiln? 

A pottery kiln, which is also referred to as a ceramic kiln, is a chamber that is used to harden pottery by heating it at a high temperatures. There are specific types of kilns that are used for many different purposes. Pottery kilns, however, are used specifically for the purpose of manufacturing ceramics. 

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