Catch Up: Three New Brunswick hip hop videos you need to see

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2022 is shaping up to be quite a year for New Brunswick’s rap music community. Watch the latest videos from Wolf Castle, Stephen Hero and Sw3aTy Sam.

Rap music and hip hop culture have been a part of New Brunswick’s musical makeup for more than 30 years. But despite such an impressive lineage, rap music in our province has yet to establish a regional audience on par with say, indie rock and folk music.  But that may soon be changing. Over the past few years this once fringe group of music makers have been gaining serious momentum thanks in part to prolific artists like Saint John rapper/producer/collaborator Stephen Hero and Pabineau First Nation rapper Wolf Castle, among several others.

Check out these three new music videos from the New Brunswick rappers.

Stephen Hero & Brydon Crain | Sage

Wolf Castle | Get Lit

Sw3aTy Sam | Black Hole

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