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Casa-Dia Vinyl Records opens doors just weeks after the closure of Second Spin Records’ Fredericton location. 

Matt Carter

There’s a new record store in Fredericton. Casa-Dia Vinyl Records held its grand opening on Saturday July 14 at its 654 Riverside Drive location on the city’s north side.

The new shop comes after owner Brad Schofield decided to take his love for vinyl collecting and selling to the next level following years of successful online sales and recent weekend stints at the North Side Market.

“I’ve been a music collector my whole life,” said Schofield. “About 10 years ago, I started selling and trading doubles I had in my collection. I started Casa-Dia Vinyl Records in 2010 selling through my website and eBay, meeting local customers at Winners Lounge to pick up their orders. It was a lot of fun and a great way to make new friends. In May of last year, I took the leap and started doing this as my full-time job. I added the Northside Market this winter and really loved it.”

For Schofield, opening a store front was the next logical step in the evolution of his hobby-turned-career.

“Opening my own store just seems like the natural next step,” he said. “I can expand my hours and bring more records out of my house and have them all in the same place. I’m really excited about it.”

Casa-Dia Vinyl Records’ shop is currently the only record store on the city’s north side. Carrying mostly used vinyl in good to excellent condition, Schofield also stocks some new releases and reissues along with CDs, turntables, cartridges, pre-amps, sleeves, needles and various replacement parts.

When asked to describe his shop and what makes it unique, Schofield explains how each record store is essentially an extension of the owner’s tastes and interests. But he’s also excited to see what his customers will bring to trade and to sell.

“Every record shop seems to be unique as the inventory is highly influenced by the owner’s personal taste,” he said. “I’m bringing most of my personal collection to stock the store so there will be lots of used vinyl but I also sell new reissues and new releases. I’m really excited to see what people bring into my store to sell to me, that’s the best part. If anybody reading has some old records they are not interested in or just want to thin out their collection I would love to make an offer.”

The opening of Casa-Dia Vinyl Records comes just weeks after the closure of Second Spin Records’s downtown Fredericton shop. Co-owner Kris Hopper announced he was taking the year off selling records to explore other interests but promised to return sometime in 2019.

“Second Spin Records, in my opinion, is the best record store in Atlantic Canada and is still alive and strong at their Saint John location,” said Schofield. “I know Kris is just taking a bit of time to pursue a once in a lifetime opportunity. This guy’s life is dedicated to vinyl records and I’m excited to see how his next adventure goes. I have no doubt his presence in Fredericton will be just as strong as ever.”

Casa-Dia Vinyl Records will be open Wednesday through Sunday. To learn more, visit them online at

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