Bridges Shares Böhmer Remix

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Fredericton electronic music producer Bridges (Jesse Hitzroth) adds to his growing collection of house beats with latest remix. 

Fredericton electronic music producer Jesse Hitzroth has been producing under the name Bridges for the past few years. His slow and methodical approach has so far yielded an original composition, a pair of mixtapes and a couple of remixes. His latest release is a remix of Berlin-based producer Ben Böhmer’s popular house anthem, Breathing. 

For his interpretation of the track, Hitzroth relies on the base melody and the vocal rhythm to build a sequence driven by lower and mid frequencies, and that ever-present steady bass to create a remix that’s a little bit tighter in structure and slightly shorter than the original without straying too far from the song’s airy, cinematic feel. 

Listen to Ben Böhmer – Breathing (Bridges Remix) below and check out his other tracks while you’re there. 

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