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David R. Elliott keeps us guessing with each new release. Embraces R&B on new EP.

12494705_10153568737851464_5313116518650882674_nEvery new release by David R. Elliott brings with it a certain degree of unpredictability. Not one to do the same thing twice, A Million Statues, his forthcoming EP, finds Elliott exploring a softer, soulful sound that reveals yet another dimension to his eclectic songwriting.

“I was interested in making something even more overtly pop than say, Taking a Chance On Love,” said Elliott, referring to the infectious and surprisingly poppy lead single from his last full length record, Sunshine. “I’ve always made pop music but it’s usually surrounded in dirtier sonics. A Million Statues is about really zeroing in on my kind of pop music, working in a framework of like Rod Stewart, tin pan alley, or something, but in as Usher a way as possible.  Also, just listening to Rihanna constantly the week I was recording this had its effect on the process.”

When asked to explain the continued flux in musical influences that seem to dominate each of his releases, weaving from country and roots music with unexpected turns through R&B and pop, Elliott believes his creative process is a direct result of how he grew up listening to music.

“I no longer feel like doing rock music.  This EP is a move away from that, and towards the R&B records I love, and just pop music in general.”

“For me, it’s mostly trying to keep things interesting and just being obsessive about music,” he said. “I can’t really bring myself to be one thing, I’ve never been like that. I didn’t care about anything but Elvis when I was little. Then it was the Moffatts, and then it was Puff Daddy, Blink 182, 2PAC, Nirvana, Brit-pop, Sinatra, country, whatever. But when I feel I’ve done something well, that sort of closes that chapter for a while.

“After Rearrange, I didn’t feel like there was a point in making another collection of roots stuff, and I feel that way about Sunshine as well,” he said. “I no longer feel like doing rock music.  This EP is a move away from that, and towards the R&B records I love, and just pop music in general.”

One thing that has remained consistent throughout the last few Elliott releases including A Million Statues, is the presence of Halifax engineer/producer Charles Austin. The two have worked together on Elliott’s past two full-length releases.

“Charles is a smart engineer and makes it really easy to produce a session because he knows what I mean when I say random shit about what a particular track is supposed to sound like, and he indulges my need to talk about rap music constantly.”

Elliott will also be releasing a new music video for the lead single Some Kinda Nerve on April 22, shot and directed by multi-award winning filmmaker Peter Doyle, before heading out on tour with Cedric Noel in May.

Listen to A Million Statues. 

On Tour:

05//03 Taco Pica, Saint John, NB w/ Year of Glad, Gavin Downes #

05//04 Bar a Pitons, Saguenay, QC w/ Year of Glad #

05//05 Le Cagibi, Montreal, QC w/ Gentle Mystic, Year of Glad #

05//06 Bovine Sex Club, Canadian Music Week, Toronto, ON*

05//09 The Garnet, Peterborough, ON

05//10 Bar a Pitons, Saguenay, QC

05//11 Plan B, Moncton, NB w/ Les Travleux

05//12 Menz & Mollyz, Halifax, NS w/ Blood Cat, Construction & Destruction

05//13 The Capital, Fredericton, NB w/ David in the Dark

05//19 The Company House, Halifax, NS w/ JoJo Worthington, Owen Meany’s Batting Stance ^*

05//20 Red Herring, Paddlefest, St. Andrews, NB w/ The Waking Night, All of Green

All shows with Cedric Noel except * | # w/ ocean charter of values | ^ solo

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