Beard Springsteen Announce New EP

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Some Kind of Lobster will be released August 19 via Bored Coast Records.


Fredericton’s self-proclaimed ‘downer punks’ have announced another EP. Some Kind of Lobster will be the fifth release from Beard Springsteen, and the second EP to surface so far this year.

Originally conceived as a solo project by musician/journalist Jean-Étienne Sheehy (The Trick, Off Season) while living in Halifax in 2015, the lineup expanded to include drummer Josh Steeves (Brookside Mall, The Damsels, The Kamalas) upon Sheehy’s return to Fredericton last winter.

For this latest four track collection, Beard Springsteen enlisted engineer Dylan Ward (David in the Dark) to handle the EP’s recording, resulting in a departure from the band’s established “noise punk sound” opting instead for a cleaner tone that puts Sheehy’s guitar and vocals front and centre above Steeves’ solid rhythmic foundation.

Some Kind of Lobster will be released digitally and as a limited edition CD. The EP can be pre-ordered for $5 via the band’s Bandcamp page.

Listen to the track Bored at the ECMAs below.

Some Kind of Lobster:

  1. Slippery Sidewalks
  2. Bored at the ECMAs
  4. He Said, She Said

Band photo by Tracy Robertson.

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