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Montreal-based experimental harpist Sarah Pagé has announced plans to release her solo debut this fall.

Photo: Linus Ouelett
Melissa Sparks 

Experimental harpist Sarah Pagé is known to many as a long-time member of Montreal folk ensemble The Barr Brothers. Last January she announced her departure from the group that has been her main focus for the previous twelve years and has since dedicated much of her time to solo performances and collaborations.

As part of exploring this new chapter in her career, Pagé has teamed up with Halifax-based experimental music label Backward Music to release her solo debut this fall.

Describing her forthcoming album as a “tribute to the many moods and colours of the harp,” Pagé offered fans a first glimpse of Dose Curves last week sharing the track Ephemeris Data with listeners of Seattle’s music-heavy public radio station KEXP.

“I wanted to create a feeling of stillness within motion with Ephemeris Data, like looking through the passenger window of a car traveling down the highway,” she said. “The trees and the landscape eventually become one and it has a hypnotic effect. I’m playing as quickly as I can around just a few strings to create a blur and slowly shifting the melodies and harmony to mark the time passing.”

Dose Curves will receive a limited-edition vinyl pressing (300 copies) and be available as a digital download on October 12, 2019. 

Upcoming Performances:

July 14 – Sackville, NB @ Thunder & Lightning 
July 16 – Mt. Stewart, PE @ Trailside 

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