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Don’t fear the REAPER (or COFFEE)

In trying to resist the urge to cobble together a Halloween-appropriate suggestion this week, well, I kinda failed. But in failure I still can recommend a couple of semi-spooky titles… spooky in the sense that they are lurking unpurchased in the stacks.

First up is Louisville, KY’s White Reaper. The band’s first full length was ushered into existence by Polyvinyl records, and exhibits all the signs of being more fun than a bucket of superballs. Keeping the action near or under the three minute mark track after track on White Reaper Does it Again, the four piece channel everything from Eddie Cochrane to Buzzcocks to Black Lips on a Mountain Dew bender. You’ll be punching the roof of your station wagon on the way to the Circle K, guaranteed.

For the more studio-centric music fans is a new album by Diane Coffee on Western Vinyl. Everybody’s a Good Dog is the second album from Shaun Fleming under the java-based pseudonym.  Fleming, whose other full time gig is drumming for Foxygen, populates his tunes with fuzzy melodies, choral flourishes, and soulful 60s swing, giving them a polished and multi-faceted character than hints at time spent studying Paul McCartney, Marc Bolan, and maybe a little Phil Spector.

Not exactly a blood bath, but heavy on the candy coating.  Enjoy.

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