Atlas Share First Single From Their Forthcoming Debut Album

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Twin sisters Samantha and Rebecca Tinsley have released ‘Secrets’, the debut single from their new project, Atlas.

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Atlas. Photo: Maxwell Photography

“Theoretically speaking, we have been writing for this project for years,” said Rebecca Tinsley, one half of the duo Atlas. “We are both songwriters and have been ever since we can remember.”

After years of singing for friends and family, Rebecca and her sister Samantha decided to follow their shared interest in writing and performing with a bit more intent. This move eventually led to studio time at Outreach Productions and many hours spent working with producer Andrew MacRae and a full cast of musicians in order to create their debut album, Treason

The album’s first single, Secrets, is a powerful introduction to the group, landing somewhere between a moving Broadway musical and a rowdy rock show.

“We had always toyed with the idea of recording an album, but it was always a ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’ conversation,” said Tinsley. “That is, until we met our producer Andrew MacRae, who was a really big driving force behind the entire project. He brought his own sound to the songs we had written, while guiding us through the ins-and-outs of the process, start to finish. He definitely gave us the push and the confidence we needed to be able to pursue the recording of our first album.”

The process resulted in a total of 13 songs, many written specifically for the project, with instrumental support from Mathieu Benoit (drums & keys), Jonathan Goud (bass), Aaron Currie (guitar), and Craig Lang (Keys & Strings).

“Many of the tracks on the album were written specifically for it, though some were picked from songs we had written over the years,” said Tinsley. “Treason is a compilation of either the songs we had the most complete, or the songs that meant the most to us.”

To release the album, Atlas have decided to share a new track each month. The first single, Secrets, was released on March 30.  

“We have thirteen tracks in total and will be releasing one a month until we run out, at which point we will release the album in its entirety,” said Tinsley. “However, the tracks will be available on most streaming platforms and available for download as they are released. Being new artists, we felt it best to release the tracks as singles over time to try to stay relevant while working on additional content, and to gain traction in the industry.”    


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