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Motherhood and Cellarghost announce dates in Quebec and Ontario.

Shift Bits | Media Release

UntitledThe kids in Fredericton’s frontrunning bands are hoping to leave you ALL SMILES this Spring. With two new full-length albums on the way, Motherhood and Cellarghost are setting sail for a short tour to give neighbouring provinces a heads up. Call it foreshadowing if you wish, as the bands’ upcoming releases will put them on the road throughout much of 2016 and early 2017; Cellarghost’s In The Whiteout releases Summer 2016, and Motherhood’s Baby Teeth releases June 10th, both on Saint John’s Monopolized Records. The lucky 7 cities Motherhood & Cellarghost hit on the ALL SMILES Tour will get a sneak peek (and maybe some leaked copies) of what’s to come.

The ALL SMILES Tour & subsequent album releases herald the start of a big year for Fredericton-based bands, in what is being dubbed locally as the #yearoffred. With nearly a dozen new releases this Spring alone (which may seem inconsequential without noting that Fredericton’s entire scene is comprised of just around twenty bands), Fredericton’s been taking decisive steps to increase productivity, collaboration and professional output among all artists.

The Shifty Bits Cult, a Fredericton-based non-profit mandated to promote and sustain the local arts community, has been hosting Open Art Gatherings in various Fredericton watering holes. These quarterly events invite anyone involved in the scene in any way to come together for an evening of discussion about hopes, dreams and ideas about how to make artists as healthy and productive as they can be; beer and ideas runneth over.

Over the past year, the Fredericton scene has seen an increased output of new projects. From new festivals and residency programs, a live recording series, an ever-increasingly respected arts and culture magazine, and a renewed passion for rock operas, Fredericton’s gearing up for bigger and better things than ever before. Motherhood and Cellarghost are paving the way for the scores of other NB-bands set to hit the national charts this year, so consider the ALL SMILES Tour a fair warning.

Cellarghost Bio:

Cellarghost comes sea-stained from the murky mists of Saint John and has recently beached itself in New Brunswick’s capital city. Their upcoming debut In The Whiteout draws inspiration from the turbulent waters of the Bay of Fundy and their calloused fists of blistered youth. Distorted swells and ruthless rhythms define the band’s surging aesthetic.

Motherhood Bio:

Motherhood is a 3-piece “rock” band from Fredericton, NB. The band is less definable by genre than by aesthetic: criminals and cadillacs, dusty deserts and just desserts; witchery, wise-cracks, ever-unhinging sanity hanging by a thread; authentic Maritime tales as told through the distorted eyes of  disparate youth.
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