Adam K Shares Cinematic Masterpiece

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Saint John’s Adam K and His Hired Friends pull out all the stops on the video for their latest single, Thirty Five

Not only is Adam K a multi-talented musician and an integral part of the Saint John music scene; he can also go a really long time without blinking. Two minutes and ten seconds in fact. 

Last week Adam K shared this video for his song, Thirty Five (Adam K and His Hired Friends), which was released as a digital download in March of this year. With its stunning camera work and precise editing, you can bet this film will be front and centre at next year’s Silver Wave Film Festival. Enjoy!

Adam K has penned an anthem for all the thirty somethings who find themselves wondering what they’ve done with their lives. On his latest single, Thirty Five, the Saint John musician points out how he has never learned to change a tire and how he has watched his friends get their lives in order and appear to be in better places. His skin is flaking, he feels like he is 50 but acts like he is 20. I think there’s something we can all relate to in the words of Mr. K. He has basically summed up life in just under 5 minutes. Sweet poetry with a ripping guitar solo.

– Midweek Music Mix, March 27, 2019.


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