A Wild Ride Through The Depths of Winter

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Wangled Teb makes their TwoFifteen Records debut with the three track EP, Seasonal Depression.

Matt Carter

Wangled Teb makes their TwoFifteen Records debut with the three track EP, Seasonal Depression. A project by Fredericton-based electronic composer and producer Indigo Poirier, Wangled Teb is like free jazz on speed, merging frantic, aggressive percussion with simple melody lines to create a dizzying juxtaposition of motion and repose.

Following the release of two previous EPs, Earth and Water, both part of an ongoing series inspired by the four elements, Seasonal Depression, as title suggests, takes its inspiration from the isolation and darkness of a long, cold Canadian winter.

“This album is much darker in tone than my previous releases,” said Poirier. “It’s sort of an exploration of the feelings of loneliness, sadness, and despair that can often set in during the winter months when everything seems more difficult, the days are shorter, the nights are longer, and the air literally feels like it’s trying to hurt you.”

The EP finds its strength in its many layers of sound. Each track is structured around a simple melodic phase sitting beneath layers of percussion that propel each track forward with serious momentum. This contrast works well with the EP’s theme, offering tiny glimpses of hope amidst a three part struggle that culminates masterfully in the third (and title) track where the melody finally breaks through the web of rapid percussion to create a well-earned sense of hope and optimism.

Seasonal Depression follows a beautifully structured narrative arc that captures the EP’s theme in flawless fashion. A great point of entry for new listeners and a welcomed addition for established fans.

Seasonal Depression will be officially released March 29, 2019 via TwoFifteen Records.

Upcoming Performances: 

March 29 | Seasonal Depression Release Show | Grimross Brewery | w/Gold Punks and DenMother | 8 p.m. | View Event


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