A New Season Begins at Theatre St. Thomas

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Theatre St. Thomas begin a new season with the Jordan Tannahill play, Concord Floral, directed by Len Falkenstien.

A new season at Theatre St. Thomas gets underway this month with a production of Jordan Tannahill’s play Concord Floral. This timely production arrives just in time for Halloween and includes all the familiar imagery of a classic modern thriller. There is a massive abandoned building, a group of curious teens, a dead body and communications from beyond the grave. But Concord Floral is much more than a campy ghost story.

The play will be directed by Len Falkenstein, a well-known playwright and theatre organizer who has been called the Grand Pooba of Fredericton theatre. 

“There has been a lot of debate lately about a perceived breakdown of civility in our society,” said Falkenstein. “Many have tied this to online culture—how easy it is to cyberbully, the rise of hate groups online, Donald Trump’s rants on Twitter. And as always, societal anxieties about this are so often centred on our youth: are they being swept up by this rising wave of cruelty and hate, or are they actually our best hope for overcoming it? That’s really what Concord Floral is about.”

About the play:

One night, best friends Rosa Mundi and Nearly Wild discover the body of a girl at Concord Floral, the abandoned greenhouse that has become the party spot for all the local teens. In the process, Rosa loses her phone after dropping it into the body, and the next day, Nearly starts receiving calls from the phone. From the body. When the girl’s identity is revealed, Nearly, Rosa, and their friends are forced to acknowledge a shameful episode from their past that they have long tried to bury, but that refuses to stay in its grave. For the teens, confronting their demons is their only hope for escaping the angel of death, the plague that is coming for them.

Concord Floral makes its Fredericton premiere October 30 at the Black Box Theatre on the STU campus. The play runs until November 2 with nightly performances at 7:30 p.m. as well as a Saturday matinee at 2 p.m. | View Event

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