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CHSR Host 4th Annual Shake ‘n Bake Fundraising Concert.

shakeThis Saturday, CHSR will welcome a slew of local musicians to the Cellar Pub stage for an all-day music extravaganza as they host their 4th Shake ‘n Bake fundraiser. The event grew from a chance opportunity into one of the station’s longest running fundraising initiatives along with the annual fund-drive.

“The first Shake ‘n Bake took place five years ago when a friend of mine offered me a chance to put on a show at the Aitken Centre during UNB’s Orientation Week,” said CHSR’s outgoing Station Manager Tim Rayne. “I had never put on a concert before so putting together an event that large was a great trial by fire experience. I had only two weeks to get bands and to promote so it was a challenge. I was able to get The Trick, Slowcoaster, Rich Aucoin, Scientists of Sound and few others to perform with a DJ spinning between sets – it was epic. We had a decent turnout but it was far from a financial success. CHSR didn’t lose any money but I realized a more modest effort would be better for everyone. Since then, Shake ‘n Bake has increased in popularity and has generated good money for the station. The last Shake ‘n Bake took place in the Cellar Pub on the UNB/STU campus and the attendance was really good. The bands had a good time and so did the audience and that is important to me.”

The event is a great way for the station to celebrate its community by bringing together some of the city’s most popular acts for an evening of music. It also serves as a great way to introduce students from both campuses to the station and some great local talent.

“I wanted to create a concert that introduced the campus to the incredible music talent here in Fredericton,” said Rayne. “Music should be a big part of the university experience. Growing up in Fredericton, CHSR introduced me to so much good music over the years. I remember seeing incredible shows in the Cellar while being a student. Shake ‘n Bake felt like an extension of those experiences. It’s a celebration. The concert has become an annual event where local bands generously provide peformances so that the station can generate some on campus awareness and a little fundraising at the same time.”

While Rayne may have helped get the ball rolling, he’s had a lot of help along the way and this year’s event is no different. It takes a lot of people to pull off an event of this scale, yet somehow he and his team at the station have managed to keep it happening.

“We are very lucky to have so many amazing people help make this event happen.  Shake ‘n Bake would be nothing without the volunteers, bands, and students that dedicate their time every year to make the show happen,” he said. “This year, Chris Maclean has been a big help co-organizing the event with me. The Recordery have offered their services to do sound for the concert – that’s huge! Also, Grid City helps out the station all through the year and CHSR is very grateful for the promotion and support. And of course, all the volunteers that come out to help set up, do the door, and poster. It’s truly a community effort because CHSR is a community station.”

Rayne recently announced his plans to leave the station to focus on his film business, Raynemaker Productions, and his work as a tireless promoter of local music will be remembered for years to come. This has some wondering if Shake ‘n Bake will continue into the future.

“CHSR has hosted great concerts over the years so I think the traditional will continue long after I am gone,” said Rayne.  “Shake ‘n Bake has been a very special experience for me over the years. I met some great people, heard some great music, and raised a modest amount of money for the station. For me, the most important element of Shake ‘n Bake is the opportunity to promote local music on campus. I am very proud of the scene here in Fredericton and I want the students to hear the talent that is right in front us.”

CHSR’s 4th Annual Shake ‘n Bake | The Cellar Pub | November 7, 2015 | 2-5 pm (all-ages) – 5 p.m. – 1 a.m. (ID Required) | View Event

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