Monday Night Film Series: Dark Horse

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dark_horse_poster_webLouise Osmond | 85 mins
UK | 2015 | English
Jan Vokes, Brian Vokes, Howard Davies, Angela Davies

A story of dreams, determination, and class consciousness set in the world of horse racing, this inspirational documentary from director Louise Osmond (Deep Water) follows a group of friends and neighbours in a small Welsh town who find themselves breaking social barriers by competing against some of the wealthiest racehorse owners in the UK.

In the beleaguered former coal town of Cefn Fforest, South Wales, a middle-aged barmaid named Jan Vokes rallies a syndicate of friends to pool their £10 per week towards breeding, raising, and training a racehorse they call Dream Alliance. Unexpectedly, Dream Alliance shows great promise, and the Welsh townsfolk are soon competing against the sport’s elite. Though their gamble is the furthest thing from a sure bet, and requires years of perseverance through a multitude of factors outside of the stakeholders’ control, for the team behind Dream Alliance it’s not all about money: in the words of one backer, “Dream took us to places you couldn’t even imagine.”

Osmond elicits warm and funny interviews from the participants, particularly the plucky Vokes, who fondly recalls how she first pulled her underdog syndicate together back in 2000. Illustrating the team’s anecdotes through carefully chosen archival footage and artful re-enactments – with cinematographer Benjamin Kracun capturing the horses so beautifully you’ll want to reach out and touch them — this remarkable true story about a long shot is a sure winner.

Dark Horse | Monday Night Film Series | Tilley Hall, Room 102, UNB Campus | October 31, 2016 – 7:30pm | See full schedule

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